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There are a lot of sites that offer service from DirecTV, which offer Satellite TV. What to say about the site it offers television services in High Definition HD TV Direct TV services at a very cheap rates and also have very good offers like u can get some channels for free for 3 months and u can also get some equipment for free

In this site ( you can choose what type of channel you want to watch and only pay for them. If you want You can only choose the local channels, this is fair service and demonstrates an excellent Customer Service and also this site is the dealer of the year 2007

They offer a whopping 250 channels of endless TV viewing, covering every genre you could possibly imagine. Comedy, drama, games and sports, variety, movies, news and weather all at the click of your remote. I was also impressed by the number of XM Satellite Radio channels, 68 at last count, and commercial free.

You can also select the nº of rooms in which you want to watch the Satellite TV. So I think this is a very nice offer and expect that you will switch over from Cable tv to Direct TV and take a subscription from!!!

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