domingo, 9 de maio de 2010

Exotic Salt Water Fish from Reef Hot Spot

The live coral, exotic Saltwater fish and saltwater invertebrates form the major constituent of the reef aquariums. The live corals are aragonite structures produced by living organisms, found in marine waters containing few nutrients. Generally they are found in coral reefs. These reefsprovide enormous direct and indirect economic benefits. They serve as important fishery resources and physical barriers to coastal erosion, offer recreational and tourist areas, and are repositories to a myriad of described and undescribed species, that are of great value to humankind. Yet coral reefs are being degraded more rapidly by pollution, climatic changes, overfishing, ship-related injuries, coastal development, recreational overuse and the introduction of exotic species. Hence these coral reef species are in endanger. The reef aquariums can protect the live corals by providing them an artificial reef atmosphere. A reef aquarium with intense lighting and turbulent water would add more beauty to the artificial reef corals. The reef aquarium can also be used for recreational works. And also if they are maintained properly, they can be made as a tourist destination. Proper care has to be given in maintaining the ecosystem of a reef aquarium. The reef animals, link Exotic saltwater fish, in the reef ecosystem should be compatible with each other.

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