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Wedding shower invitations

A wedding shower, is a gift giving party where a bride is given gifts before her wedding. Popular in U.S. and Canada, the party is conducted by the bridesmaid and the gifts are household items for the couples new home. In earlier times when the father of the bride refused or could not pay dowry the brides friends were sent Wedding Shower Invitations to gather gifts and from this the tradition the concept of a wedding shower grew. A wedding shower is also thrown to honor the start of a new household by the bride and to give gifts which support her in the same.

The maid of honor is generally required to host the shower and send out the Wedding Invitations. A wedding shower is not hosted by the maid of honor if she is a part of the bride's immediate family. Tradition followed is to organize the wedding shower around 4 to 6 weeks before the actual wedding takes place. Generally if a number of outstation guests are expected wedding shower invitations are sent for a time close to the wedding so they can attend as well. The brides maid or the couple if involved in the organizing decides the number of wedding shower invitations to be sent and which relatives need to be invited to a wedding shower.

If you are considering a themed bridal shower then it is preferred if special instructions for the same are sent with the wedding shower invitation. Directions to the shower and contact numbers are generally provided in the wedding shower invitation for an additional information which is required. Generally people known personally to the bride are invited to the wedding shower.

Though these wedding shower invitations can be written by hand as well, it would be preferred if professional help is sought for arranging the Custom Wedding Invitations. Professionals in this field are responsible for the whole process of inviting right from the designing the wedding shower invitation to the distribution.

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